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Improved harvesting,
processing and marketing

Strengthening of production-to-use supply chains

Bio Innovation Zimbabwe
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Enhanced use of local

Conservation of genetic diversity

Bio Innovation Zimbabwe
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Greater food and nutrition security and income generation

Empowerment of local communities and women in particular

Bio Innovation Zimbabwe
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Bio Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ) is a specialised research organisation. Our overall mission is to create wealth amongst rural producers and provide consumers both in Zimbabwe and external markets with high-quality products through the commercialization of underutilised species that are resilient to the effects of climate change.


We take neglected species that have the potential to generate benefits for rural people and their environment and transform them into commercial “crops” that actually do generate these benefits.


We’re interested in developing the commercial potential of overlooked species in Zimbabwe not just because it’s fun (though that’s a pretty good reason!), but also because we think they have a huge role to play in Zimbabwe’s future.


BIZ focuses on a limited range of species which are suited to small-scale rural production and for which there is demonstrable market demand.

BIZ focuses on underutilised indigenous plants. Indigenous plants are locally evolved and adapted, culturally familiar, widely abundant and available, drought-resilient, contribute to better use and management of biodiversity and require minimal agro-inputs.


Promoting underutilised species selectively favours very poor people, particularly women, living in the driest, remotest and least agriculturally productive areas of the country, people for whom alternative livelihood options are extremely limited. Underutilised species complement conventional food crops, bestow competitive advantage to local producers, and increase family income enormously. In most cases the women are in charge of those additional funds and they can spend them on food, education and health.


People keep asking us how to prepare those ‘funny foods’ we promote and so here are some recipes we at BIZ have tried and liked.

We encourage everyone to experiment and figure out drinks and meals that work best for you. And please let us know what you come up with!


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