Bio Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ) is a specialised research organisation. Our overall mission is to create wealth amongst rural producers and provide consumers both in Zimbabwe and external markets with high-quality products through the commercialization of underutilised species that are resilient to the effects of climate change.

To achieve this, our goal is to address constraints to commercialization along the entire value chain, targeting high-potential crops and species based on sound consumer and market research. By doing so, we seek to achieve multi-level impact—create wealth for households, help communities thrive, promote conservation of natural resources at a landscape level, and help grow the national economy.

We operate as a broad affiliation of researchers and practitioners, and include amongst our team a number of highly experienced professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. We work in collaboration with many different actors, including private companies, other research organisations, governmental, non-governmental and international organisations, and individual researchers and entrepreneurs.

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