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Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ) is a non-profit innovation hub, driving research and facilitating knowledge-sharing around existing and potential commercial applications for indigenous underutilised plants. We work in collaboration with a wide range of different actors, including private companies, other research organisations, governmental, non-governmental and international organisations, and individual researchers and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is simple. There are a large number of locally-available plant species that could be used by small-scale farmers, especially in the drier parts of Zimbabwe. Our job is to find them, study them and develop them into marketable products, thus transforming them from potential revenue sources into actual revenue sources. We don’t get hung up on theory. We want to see farmers generating real cash from these underutilised plants. Otherwise we’re wasting our time.

Our modus operandi is flexible. We have no ideological axe to grind, and we’re not wedded to any single approach. If it looks like it will lead to enhanced (and sustainable) incomes for rural people, we’ll give it a go.

We operate as a broad affiliation of researchers and practitioners, and our team includes a number of highly experienced professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.