Energy Balls

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Makes 15-20 balls

Variations on this basic recipe are endless! Try adding seeds, raisins, dried fruit, dark chocolate, orange zest, spices, etc.

50g oats
50g roasted (mixed) nuts
200g dates (pitted)
20ml peanut butter
15ml (coconut) oil or melted butter

Toppings (optional): cocoa powder – grated coconut – finely chopped roasted nuts – sesame seeds – popped amaranth – …

Soak dates in very hot water (as hot as your tap will go) for about 15 minutes to soften them up.
Grind oats and nuts in a strong food processor until they resemble a coarse flour.
Add dates, peanut butter and oil. Blend to create a coarse mixture.
Knead into 15-20 small balls, which you can then coat (roll into) with grated coconut, cocoa powder, or finely chopped roasted nuts, etc.
Refrigerate before serving (about 15 min).

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