Small Grains

Can be boiled whole (like rice) or popped like popcorn. They are usually ground into flour and used to prepare porridge, added to maize meal or combined with other flours (as they have no gluten) for baking.

Bambara Nuts

Can replace meat and other animal products in the diet. A crucial preparation tip before cooking is to soak them overnight. This soaking, and adding baking soda to the soaking water, reduces their cooking time.

Local Nuts

Can be eaten raw or roasted, as a snack, sprinkled in mueslis, on ice-creams and salads, or to replace other nuts in your baking. Marula and hacha kernels are perfect for making pesto as well.

Local Herbal Teas

Can be made into hot and cold drinks, cordials, sorbets and ice-lollies. Rosella calyces can also be made into jams and jellies.

Baobab Powder

Is a food supplement; it adds a tangy flavour and a health boost to your drinks and meals.

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