People keep asking us how to prepare those ‘funny foods’ we promote and so here are some recipes we at BIZ have tried and liked.

  • Baobab fruit powder is a supplement; it adds a tangy flavour and a health boost to your drinks and meals.
  • Marula and mongongo kernels can be eaten raw or roasted, as a snack, sprinkled in mueslis, on ice-creams and salads, or to replace other nuts in your baking. As marula kernels are soft and oily, they can be used to make pesto as well.
  • Grain amaranth has a nutty flavour. You can do anything with it! It can be cooked as a healthy starch alternative, or ground into flour and used to prepare porridge, pizza, pancakes, added to maize meal or combined with other flours (as it has no gluten) for baking. Amaranth pops like popcorn. Sprinkle popped seeds on yoghurt, vegetables or salads. Or make your own cereal bars.
    Young amaranth leaves make tasty salad material. Older greens are wonderful steamed, stir-fried or incorporated into curries or casseroles.

We encourage everyone to experiment and figure out drinks and meals that work best for you. And please let us know what you come up with!

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