///Cassava Root Crisps

Cassava Root Crisps

Cassava Root Crisps


  • Root/ tuber vegetables such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, madhumbe, beetroot and carrot
  • 1L cooking oil


  1. Wash the products. Peel if using cassava and madhumbe.
  2. Cut into very thin uniform slices.
  3. Dry slices thoroughly with a clean dish towel before frying but they must not be left too long otherwise they will turn black.
  4. Heat about 4cm cooking oil in a deep frying pan. It should just start to smoke. To test the heat of the oil, place a slice into the oil. If it starts sizzling the oil is hot enough.
  5. Place some of the root and tuber slices in the frying pan. Cook a few slices at a time until golden brown.
  6. If using different root and tuber crops, fry each type separately leaving beetroot to last as it stains the oil pink.
  7. Remove the slices from the pan and place on paper or a sieve to remove the oil. Season to taste.


Use freshly harvested roots/ tubers.


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