A new market for Resurrection bush for Chivi collectors

//A new market for Resurrection bush for Chivi collectors
A new market for Resurrection bush for Chivi collectors2016-11-22T08:30:23+02:00

Project Description

“I bought 3 goats as an investment”

Jesca lives in Ward 16 in Chivi. The area has been receiving less and less rain over the years. Farmers have resorted to planting small grains, although some still customarily stick to growing maize which has been dwindling in productivity over the years.

“I joined the Natural Resources Production Cooperative 6 years ago to make money to look after my 7 children and 4 grandchildren since my husband is not employed. Through the cooperative, I sell vegetables from my garden, marula kernels, Zumbani leaves and resurrection bush tea.”

“Resurrection bush is the most rewarding. I spend less time on it because the production is straightforward. And this last time, the price went up 5 times! (BIZ was contacted by a South-African-Swiss company looking for 1 tonne of resurrection bush plant material for use as ornamentals and for extract production.) I managed to sell 500kgs. With some of the money, I bought 3 she-goats as an investment. I will let them reproduce to sell the kids and pay for the secondary school education of my grandchildren. My grandchildren are almost of the same age so they will need school fees, uniforms and books at the same time, so goat selling will be a great business to enable me to cover the expenses.”

“I thank BIZ for finding this new market for us. I am a grateful businesswoman who is keen to learn more business ideas around our local natural resources and also to keep these resources for future generations.”