Herbal teas allowed Medeline to send her children back to school2016-11-22T08:30:23+00:00

Project Description

“I gave my 3 children a chance to go back to school…”

“My children needed to go back to school since they had not done well and that was a complete nightmare for me because taking them to school in the first place was a struggle with the little money I got from selling vegetables. I also used to cross the border to sell roasted peanuts and buy clothes for resale back home but the returns were never enough…
Then I joined BIZ’s herbal teas project, picking Zumbani leaves early in the year and resurrection bush leaves during the dry months.
Selling my produce gave my 3 children the chance to go back to school. I can buy books and school uniforms for them. I also bought a goat for keeping and I hope it will reproduce soon, so that I can supplement my income by selling goat meat”