Local Nuts

Marula Nut Brittle

Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 1 heaped Tbsp baobab powder (optional) 1 ½ cups marula nuts Directions: 1. Stir together sugar, baobab powder and 1/2 cup water in a saucepan. Then leave it, without stirring, until sugar begins to melt and turns golden. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, until sugar has melted completely and mixture turns …

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Marula Nut Butter

By Nyaradzo Nyandoro (67), Marinda Village, Mwenezi District For 300g Ingredients: 1 kg marula kernels Pinch of salt Directions: 1. Toast marula kernels for 1 minute. 2. Remove skins. 3. Add a pinch of salt. 4. Grind the same way peanut butter is ground, using a grinding stone or peanut butter machine. 5. Use the …

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Marula Nut Pie

Ingredients 1 roll ready-made short crust pastry For the filling: 200g marula nuts 100g dark brown sugar 1 Tbsp honey 2 eggs 4 Tbsp thick cream 1 Tbsp vanilla extract Directions 1. Preheat oven to 175°C. Grease and flour a pie dish/round pan. 2. Roll out the ready-made pastry onto the pan and trim off …

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Energy Balls

Makes 15-20 balls Variations on this basic recipe are endless! Try adding seeds, raisins, dried fruit, dark chocolate, orange zest, spices, etc. Ingredients: 50g oats 50g roasted (mixed) nuts 200g dates (pitted) 20ml peanut butter 15ml (coconut) oil or melted butter Toppings (optional): cocoa powder – grated coconut – finely chopped roasted nuts – sesame …

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Chocolate Bark

You don’t need a recipe, or even to measure any of the ingredients, to make chocolate bark – it’s about using your favourite flavours and textures. The only thing to remember is that 600g of chocolate will cover a large baking sheet. Ingredients: • Chocolate (dark, milk, or white) • Nuts and seeds: sunflower, pumpkin …

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Dried Meat and Amaranth Leaves with Marula Nut Butter

By Nyaradzo Nyandoro (67), Marinda Village, Mwenezi District Ingredients: For the meat: 500g dried meat 1 big tomato (grated) A clove garlic (cut into tiny pieces) 1 small onion (grated) Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper (optional) 100g marula kernels butter For the vegetable: 500 g fresh/dried grain amaranth (mowa) leaves 1 big ripe tomato …

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